To lead pedagogical change, build relationships, and provide meaningful professional development and supports in the field of educational technology.​

Empowering educators with high quality professional development in educational technology.

Teachers face more
challenges than ever before.

You're feeling tired, overwhelmed and a bit frayed, we get it. Teachers are expected to do much more with less resources and are getting burnt out as a result It shouldn't be this difficult.

MACUL exists to help bridge the divide and provide educators with the networking resources, and support you need to thrive in today's technological age.

You can’t afford to stop,
so neither do we.

We’re continually working hard and regularly revising our learning opportunities to provide you with the most up-to-date information and resources so you can thrive in your classroom or district.

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Helpful Articles & Resources

17 Super Cool DIY STEM Projects To Create With Your Students
The sky is the limit when it comes to STEM projects. Whether it’s creating a flashlight, fashioning a solar-powered light, or learning about factors and prime numbers, if a student or educator can dream it up, it’s possible with the power of STEAM!
20 Best Online Interactive Math Games for Every Grade Level
Practice makes perfect, and math proficiency at all levels definitely takes practice. Whether students are working on basic addition and subtraction or advanced algebra and geometry concepts, these online interactive math games work as a fun way to practice important skills. The best part? They’re all available for free on the web!

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🤖 We've heard about AI in many subject areas! 🤖
But how else can we leverage AI in unexpected ways? Is it creating personalized study guides, fostering social-emotional learning, or something even more innovative? Share your unique ideas & inspire the future of education! #AI

🧑‍💻 Teaching the future of technology? 🧑‍💻
Let's hear your best practices! How are YOU using AI to enhance your tech classes? Is it building AI projects, exploring ethical considerations, or demystifying the tech behind AI? Share ideas & inspire future tech leaders! #AI #MichEd

💻 AI is transforming STEM learning! 💻
From personalized learning paths to virtual labs & interactive simulations, how are YOU using AI to create engaging experiences? Share your favorite AI strategies & inspire the next generation of innovators! #AI #MichEd

💼 Equipping students for an AI-powered workforce! 💼
How are YOU leveraging AI tools to enhance career readiness programs? Is it skills gap analysis, personalized learning pathways, or virtual interview practice? Share your strategies & inspire student success! #AI #MichEd

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