Leadership Nominations

MACUL members are eligible to apply to be a member of the MACUL Leadership Team each year through our Nominations process.

MACUL Leadership Positions

MACUL Board of Directors are elected each year through a vote of the MACUL Membership.  The nominations process requires applicants to fill out an application and if selected, then they are asked to provide a letter of support and other materials.  For more info on our current Board, please visit our Board page!

MACUL Learning Area Delegates are appointed through the nominations process based on many factors. Please visit our Learning Areas page for more info!

Here’s How it Works

The 2024 MACUL Leadership Application is closed.

2024 Elections for Board Candidates will open on February 27th.

Review the Process

If you move forward, then you will need a letter of support from your supervisor.

You can apply for a Board seat, to be an LA Delegate only or Both Options.

Review The Rubric

The Rubric will hep you understand the framework that the Nominations team works with to review submissions and can help you with your application.

Applications Closed

Once you’ve completed and complied all your materials, make sure you are a MACUL member and then submit your application.

Why Should I Apply?

Networking & Personal Growth

MACUL Leaders get first hand opportunities to support EdTech at a State, Regional & National Level, as well great learning opportunities for your own growth and career

MACUL Supports Your Participation

MACUL Leaders get to participate in our PD events, help plan them, provides logistics (sub pay, mileage, hotel, comp registrations, etc.) to take the burden off your district

MACUL Leaders Stand Out in the Crowd

MACUL Leaders often are recognized in their buildings, districts and regions for their knowledge, commitment and abilities in the EdTech Landscape