MACUL Journal

The MACUL Journal is published quarterly and mailed to MACUL members, who attended the most recent MACUL Annual Conference, MACUL Friends, MACUL sponsors, ISD/RESA/REMC organizations, and every school district Superintendent throughout Michigan.

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External Link Fall 2016 (Online digital version)
PDF Document Fall 2016 (Download PDF – 8.4MB)

maculjournal_fall2016_page_01_small Also in this issue:

  • Where are you in the Wave of Change?
  • Something’s in the Air: Drones in the Classroom
  • Leadership Mindshare
  • A Workable Structure for Integration

Full STEAM Ahead

External Link Summer 2016 (Online digital version)
PDF Document Summer 2016 (Download PDF – 11MB)

summer-2016 Also in this issue:

  • Robotics and Coding: Create a SPRK
  • Getting Started with 3D Printing
  • Full STEAM Ahead with Creative Play

Engage Learning

External LinkSpring 2016 (Online digital version)
PDF DocumentSpring 2016 (Download PDF – 5MB)

spring_2016 Also in this issue:

  • 2016 Conference Highlights
  • Course Design, Cognitive Science, and Learning
  • Making Learning More Engaging & Interactive
  • Engaged Storytellers

Assessing Learning

External LinkWinter 2016 (Online digital version)
PDF Document Winter 2016 (Download PDF – 7MB)

winter_2016 Also in this issue:

  • MDE’s Move to Online Assessments
  • Assessing Collaboration
  • Assessment: Turn That Hate Into Love!
  • Easy Assessment Tools for Elementary Educator

MACUL Journal Publications – Archives

New Frontiers in Education

External LinkFall 2015 (Online digital version)
PDF DocumentFall 2015 (Download PDF – 7MB)

MACUL_Journal_Fall_2015 Also in this issue:

  • The One-Room Schoolhouse: Back to the Future
  • Entering the Social Media Frontier
  • Augmented Reality in the Science Classroom
  • Individualizing Instruction? 3 Chrome Apps that can Make It Happen

Reading in the Digital Age

External LinkSummer 2015 (Online digital version)
PDF DocumentSummer 2015 (Download PDF)

MACUL_Journal_Summer_2015 Also in this issue:

  • Reading: Still Fundamental
  • Ready, Writing, and Chromebooks
  • Media Literacy: Looking Beyond Books
  • 2015 MACUL Award Winners & Conference Photo Gallery

A Culture of Collaboration

External LinkSpring 2015 (Online digital version)
PDF DocumentSpring 2015 (Download PDF)

MACUL_Journal_Spring_2015 Also in this issue:

  • We Collabrify: FREE Collabrified Apps That Support Synchronous Collaboration
  • 2015 MACUL Conference Info
  • Google Groups: A Tool to Civilly Discuss Controversial Issues

Get Smart! Develop a PLN

External LinkWinter 2015 (Online digital version)
PDF DocumentWinter 2015 (Download PDF)

MACUL_Journal_Winter_2014 Also in this issue:

  • Keep Calm and Develop Your PLN!
  • Working to Improve Michigan’s Personalized Learning in the Classroom
  • When a Twitter Chat Becomes a Movement
  • Google classroom: What You Should Know