CSforMichigan: Workshops

CSforMichigan 2023 is a unique learning opportunity to connect statewide work in the areas of Computer Science, MITECS and Computational Thinking and this year's event features three separate learning sessions (Workshops, Leadership Summit & Education Conference)

About this Event

CSforMichigan’s Workshops will feature two time slots on the morning of 11/2 with each workshop being two hours length.  We will have multiple topics to pick from in each slot.  The workshops will give attendees the opportunity to not only learn about key CS topics and resources, but also the time to engage and experience the topics personally with guided support from our presenters.  Our grid is below, but please review the in-depth descriptions and presenter information on our workshop info sheet.

Here is our 2023 Workshop Grid:

Workshop Session 1
8:30 AM – 10:30 AM
Workshop Session 2
11:00 AM – 1:00 PM
CS Explorer: Hands-On Learning and Collaborative Creation for K-8 Teachers – Keith Tramper & Sarah Wood, KentISD Come Play with CS at the SEL Playground! – Keith Tramper & Sarah Wood, KentISD
Physical Computing in the Computer Science classroom: Interactive additions – Rachel Krone & Shannon Spisak & Michael Galli, Utica Community Schools Code and Fly: Exploring the Intersection of Coding and Drones – Mark Lyons, Saginaw ISD
“Leveling Up” with Computer Science Implementation – Cheryl Wilson, MDE and Elaine Stiefel, West Ottawa Public Schools Extend and Enhance Student Learning with Computer Science Integration – Vinos Kassab, Oakland Schools
Data Science Tools Built for Learning – Emmanuel Schanzer, Bootstrap Computational Thinking featuring Sphero indi and BOLT – Dustin Vanderploeg, Sphero

This year’s Educational Conference will be on 11/3 at Oakland Schools. We will feature in-depth Workshops on the morning of 11/2 and the CS Leadership Summit will be in the afternoon on 11/2.  We look forward to seeing you there for any of the three learning sessions or better yet, all 3!

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