Bringing Social Studies and Digital Literacy Alive

To create our more perfect union, students must find relevant connections between civics and daily life. Therefore, iCivics was founded by Justice Sandra Day O’Connor to promote quality civic education in the United States. Join us to see how you can integrate iCivics’s engaging games and lessons into your curriculum, and how they will help your students navigate the changing civic landscape and improve their media literacy skills at the same time.

2023 MACUL Awards Information and Guidelines


We are excited to release the information and guidelines for the 2022 Award Nominations. Current MACUL board members, Learning Area Delegates and Sponsors are not eligible for the MACUL Awards.

Building and Maintaining an Effective Google Workspace

How is your Google Workspace working for you? Whether you are just starting down the Google path or you have been there for a while, MACUL has you covered with a three-part series on the Admin Panel and your Google Workspace.

Join MACUL and Google for Education as we provide an in-depth look at the admin panel and beyond. Each day will be filled with tips, strategies and best practices in creating, updating, and maintaining your Google Workspace Domain.

Student Technology Showcase at the Capital

The showcase will take place from 9:00 – 11:30 AM at the new Heritage Hall at the Michigan State Capitol Building to allow lawmakers, business leaders and other citizens to see first-hand how technology is used in classrooms across Michigan. K-12 student teams representing their schools from around the state demonstrate best practices of how technology can enhance teaching and learning for the success of Michigan students. Each team consists of up to 4 students and 1 mentor.

CSforMichigan: Education Conference

CSforMichigan 2022 is a unique full day learning opportunity to connect statewide work in the areas of Computer Science, MITECS and Computational Thinking. Submit a session proposal that does the following: Insert the bulleted list in J10

CSforMichigan: Leadership Summit

CSforMichigan’s Leadership Summit will be an exploration in all things impacting the CS Landscape from the State of CS in Michigan (and nationally) to the current status of policy, initiatives and planning in Michigan, as well as getting connecting to the implementation opportunities and CS projects across the state.

Digital Literacy in Art Education

MACUL is excited to partner with other Michigan professional development-focused organizations to co-brand a series of webinars in the 2022-23 school year, specifically integrating digital literacies into content areas.

Call for Speakers

The 47th Annual MACUL Conference Call for Speakers is now open!  We want you to present this year! You are the key to making education better. Share your ideas, share your knowledge. Whether you have presented lots or a little, educator’s and their content is the key to growing all of us!
Never presented before? We have campfire sessions that are only 10-15 minutes of talking followed by discussions to get you started. We would love for you to test out the waters on how to make education better.


EdCamp MACUL is a FREE, one-day, medium-sized event (usually 100-150 people) with a focus on allowing attendees the opportunity to network and explore around the types of content THEY CHOOSE. The first part of the EdCamp is idea-building around the breakout sessions that will occur later in the day…

Cybersecurity Symposium

MACUL and CDW for Education along with our partners in the cybersecurity landscape are working to bring a symposium style event featuring both sessions, product demos and networking with colleagues for full immersion in the challenges and best practices for creating the safest schools possible….