2022 MACUL Leadership Applications

2022 MACUL Leadership Applications Announcement

This coming year we will have multiple open seats for MACUL Leadership opportunities. Our leadership includes Board of Directors and Learning Area Delegates. If you are interested in running for one of these seats, please complete the online application. Please note that all interested parties may not end up on the final ballot, but all are welcome to apply. The aim of the nominations committee is to provide a ballot that is representative of the diverse state which our organization represents.

The MACUL Board is currently composed of volunteer members who are responsible for running MACUL. This includes planning and running all MACUL events and visioning for the future of MACUL. Board meetings provide a great opportunity to expand your professional network as well as learn about educational initiatives happening in the state that may be of interest to your school or district.

What are the responsibilities of a Board Member?
Board members:
– participate in monthly meetings of the full board starting in April of 2022, including a spring retreat in May
– actively participate and plan the MACUL Conference as well as other MACUL events
– serve on MACUL board for 3 year term
– serve on various MACUL administrative work groups
– help with visioning for the future of MACUL
– attend the MACUL conference in March

Board meetings are full day meetings typically held at the MACUL Office in Lansing or online. They are held monthly August – April. Much of the work listed above is done during these meetings. However, some must be done between these meetings.

What are the responsibilities of a Learning Area Delegate?
Delegate members:
– participate in 2 board meetings and the spring retreat in May.
– actively participate and plan the MACUL Conference as well as other MACUL events
– serve as a delegate for a 2 year term
– attend the MACUL conference in March

What is the process?
1) Fill out the online application by 5:00 PM EST January 10. If you have any questions email boardelections@macul.org
2) Prospective board members will be asked to submit a biographical statement and a letter of support from their superintendent/principal/supervisor by 12:00 PM EST on February 11.
3) The Nominations Committee will assemble the proposed ballot from those members who have expressed interest in serving on the board.
4) The current MACUL Board will vote to accept this ballot at the February Board Meeting.
5) Board elections will be held via online balloting from February 26 – March 28.
6) Newly elected Board members will be notified by April 1.

View the rubric that the nominations committee will be using for the first round of applications.