2017-18 Grant Program


To encourage and support members interested in promoting effective instructional uses of the computer or related-equipment.


Each project should focus on an instructional use of the computer or related equipment, which has the potential of being replicated in other educational settings.


The deadline to submit is Monday, May 15 at 5:00 pm (EST). You can use the documents below as reference for next year’s program.

Grant Worksheet »

Use the worksheet to create your answers for the grant. When ready, copy and paste the answers into the application form and submit.

Grant Rubric »

Check your answers with the rubric to make sure you have fully answered the question.

Grant Application »

Grant Limit per Application: $1,500. MACUL members who are classroom teachers, coordinators, administrators, or higher education personnel are eligible to apply. Important Note: You may not apply if you have received a MACUL Grant within the last two years.